High Speed Laser Diode/ SOA/ BOA Controller

  Lead Time: 8 Weeks

The LDC10D is a high speed laser diode driver especially designed to drive Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (SOAs) and Booster Optical Amplifiers (BOAs) in the infrared range. It features an analog input which sets the laser current anywhere between 0 and 1 A at frequencies from DC to 15 MHz. This combination of high output drive and high slew rate makes the LDC10D well suited for switching as well as analog modulation applications. A digital TTL input allows digital switching between two arbitrary current settings with current rise and fall times of 20ns. Completely arbitrary modulation is enabled via an analog input.

The LDC10D features an adjustable current limit, reverse current protection and an integrated thermal overload protection. It provides an internal digital control loop as TEC controller with adjustable temperature and current limit. All parameters can be changed at the frontpanel.

An exchangeable mounting plate allows to quickly change laser diodes and to drive different butterfly packages. Mounting plates for type "A" (Covega/Thorlabs Quantum/Innolume/InPhenix pinout) and type "B" (Telecom pinout) are readily available. Should you require a different butterfly pinout, we can custom make it for you.

Main Applications

  • FDML laser: sweep amplitude shaping
  • Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA)/ Booster Optical Amplifier (BOA)/ LED modulation and switching


  • Analog bandwidth DC to 15 MHz (Test condition: 1 App into Covega SOA 1132)
  • Digital TTL modulation (2 arbitrary currents) with 20ns rise/fall time
  • Up to 1 A output drive current
  • Adjustable output current limit 200 mA to 1 A
  • Analog current monitor output (1 V/A)
  • Laser diode reverse current protection
  • Integrated digital TEC controller (1.5 A max.)
  • Adjustable TEC regulator parameters (P, I, D)
  • Adjustable TEC current limit
  • USB interface (virtual COM port)


Date: 2021/11/2
Size: 139 KB
WL-LDC10D Manual
Date: 2021/9/28
Size: 660 KB
WL-LDC10D Laser Diode Drivers monitor output
Current monitor output of the LDC10D driving a Covega SOA-1132 (1310 nm) showing a 1μs TTL modulation (0mA\/1000mA) corresponding to a 1 MHz repetition rate buffered FDML laser.
The LDC10D has been optimized to reduce overshoot and ringing.
(horiz: 200ns\/div, vert: 200mA\/div)
WL-LDC10D Laser Diode Drivers monitor output
Current monitor output of the LDC10D driving a Covega SOA-1132 (1310 nm) showing rise and fall times for a 800mA current step.
(horiz: 50ns\/div, vert: 200mA\/div)