600 MHz Dual-Balanced InGaAs Low Noise Photodetector

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The BPD600MA is an AC-coupled high-speed dual-balanced InGaAs photoreceiver. Due to its high transimpedance gain, its very low noise, and its bandwidth of 600 MHz, it is ideally suited for future ultra-high speed swept-source OCT systems with depth scan line rates up to above 1 MHz.

The BPD600MA comes in a rugged aluminum case with two FC fiber receptables and a 50 Ω coupled SMA output. It operates from a single 11-15 V DC supply.

OEM versions without a case are available upon request.

Main Applications

  • Ultra-high speed SS-OCT imaging
  • Interferometry
  • Single-ended use possible as well


Bandwidth 300 kHz to 600 MHz (AC Cutoff 30 kHz to 5 MHz On Request)
High Transimpedance Gain3500 V/W (1550 nm)
Low NoiseTypically -130 dBm/Hz Noise Level
NEP 20 pW/sqrt(Hz) (at 1550 nm)
Wavelength Range1000 nm to 1700 nm
Power Supply11-16 V Single Supply
InputFC Fiber Receptables
Output50 Ω Coupled SMA Plug
Damage Threshold>15 mW