Flexible Dual Channel Phase-Continuous 1 GS/s 400 MHz Agile Radio Frequency Source


FlexDDS-NG DUAL is a dual-channel phase continuous direct digital signal synthesizer. Based on the successful design of the FlexDDS multi-channel RF source developed for the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, FlexDDS-NG is the next generation waveform generator which directly addresses the needs of experimental physicists.

FlexDDS-NG DUAL is the "next generation" improved version of the legacy multi-channel FlexDDS. If you require more than two channels, take a look at the new multi-channel FlexDDS-NG.

News: Sep 1, 2019: New firmware released that adds config registers to directly route BNC inputs to the pins of the AD9910. This allows for instance to use the OSK feature (fast on/off) or quickly switch profiles


  • Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) at 1 GS/s and 14 bit resolution enables highly configurable and precisely repeatable signal generation with a frequency range from 0.3 to 400 MHz (resolution 0.23 Hz)
  • Two independent output channels with precisely known phase relationship
  • One DDS Command Processor (DCP) per channel with 8 ns timing resolution and separate instruction cache (4096 entries) enables fast real-time control of all signal parameters and execution of complex sequences with deterministic timing
  • Versatile signal generation: Phase-continuous linear frequency/amplitude sweeps with external hold and direction inputs, phase ramps, fast profile switching, RAM playback, separate amplitude sweep generator and delay/timing generator
  • Two independent high speed analog modulation inputs: Amplitude, phase, frequency or polar modulation from analog signal sources with up to 20 MHz bandwidth; slope and intercept of the transfer function can be digitally set
  • Excellent signal quality (low phase noise, spurs, harmonics) with an RF output level up to +10 dBm (2 Vpp) into 50 Ω e.g. to drive mixers directly;
    Phase noise of -100 dBc/Hz at 3 kHz offset from a 200 MHz carrier
  • Fast output on/off functionality, no signal leakage in off state
  • Three real-time digital IOs for external triggering and other functions
  • Multi-channel version: FlexDDS-NG with up to 6 FlexDDS-NG-1GS slots.

Typical Applications

  • Driving AOMs (acousto-optic modulators)
  • Ultra-cold atom experiments, coherent atom manipulation
  • Control loops that require analog modulation
  • BEC evaporation ramps
  • Replacement for VFG-150.

Sample output waveforms

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